Biodynamic Breathwork in Lisbon

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Lisbon-based BBTRS or 'Biodynamic Breathwork' facilitators might be a rarity, however, it is now possible to enjoy the benefits of the full BBTRS system through an innovate 'online-only' approach.

The full BBTRS series is 10 sessions long, and comprises general sessions, along with a series of sessions focusing on the belts of tension, through the body. These belts are where tension is stored and held as a result of trauma experienced by the individual. This could be acute event-led trauma (PTSD) or developmental trauma which usually occurs during the client's childhood, often over an extended period (Complex PTSD or 'CPTSD').

As the city of Lisbon continues to tentatively open up again, after a testing period of lockdown, an online approach to breathwork continues to make perfect sense in the current climate. Meanwhile the physical studio in Rua das Trinas, in Lapa / Santos is also opening up to clients once again.

So, whatever your individual needs and goals, you can contact us on all the usual channels.

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