The Kiloby Inquiries Toolkit

These are the key concepts that underline the Kiloby Inquiries approach to self-inquiry, or 'atma vichara', to use the Sanskrit. Note that Tier 1 tools are the fundamentals of a KI approach and the Tier 2 tools "the tricks" can be used or not, as required. For sure, if you find yourself depending on a Tier 2 'trick' too much, then it might be good to come back to the Tier 1 tools, and to the direct experience, as quickly as possible.

Tier 1 Kiloby Inquiry Tools

Natural Rest - Looking from Awareness

Natural Rest is the KI way of saying 'being in the moment' or 'mindfulness' as it is often referred. However, like the term 'natural rest' itself which is simple, practical and inviting, the practice is accessible and effective. It's a way of translating what can come across as extremely esoteric philosophy into a simple, direct experience.

It's almost like overtly acknowledging the true nature of reality before we begin the deprogramming process. It's the rock-solid foundation on which all the other tools and techniques are layered.

Noticing Words and Pictures

What are thoughts? Are they ever anything other than a combination of words and pictures?

Feeling Feelings and Bodily Sensations

No tricks here, just giving yourself permission to feel what is present in the body.

Simple Inquiry

One of the core approaches which is a great template for self-inquiry.


Expect resistance! In fact, for a majority of people when you feel resistance is a sign that you're getting warm - you're closing in on the core wounding. But is it helpful? No. And is it hard to overcome - actually no, it's surprisingly easy.

Boomerang and Panorama Inquiry

Boomerang and Panorama are naming tools, rather than inquiry tools per-se.


Look at a collection of words and / or images. What do they say about you collectively?

Core Deficiency Stories

To own the statement "I am..." that's the challenge. Easy to blame others and to observe what is states about them.

Utility Inquiry

A useful tool for looking at the drivers behind any pattern, particularly core Deficiency Stories. True to the old adage that all problems started life as solutions, by tuning into that original goal, you can see clearly that its intention was always positive. A part of you that you might be deeply frustrated and even exhausted by was never your enemy - it was always on your side.

We are looking at our unconscious motivations for approval, control and safety. These beliefs relate to survival and can keep us stuck in suffering. You can also ask as a reverse inquiry question. The benefits often relate to control, safety, approval and connection.

Reverse Inquiry

We know in our conscious mind that a belief isn’t true. We use the reverse inquiry to see our unconscious thoughts and patterns about it.

Ask a reverse question about a deficiency story. If a deficiency story is that “I’m not good enough,” say “I am good enough” and see where you feel a ‘NO’ to that in your body. This will bring up associations from past experiences that are the basis for the belief.

Feel into it, continue to mine and release all of the words, pictures and body energies that appear.

It's worth noting the that this is not a positive affirmation. It's not something that you repeat with the intention of finding it to be true. Reverse inquiry is more asking why isn't it true. Even, you could say, the intention is to actually trigger the client, so that their patterns can be seen that much more easily.

Be specific and make an exaggerated claim.

If you hate being alone, say “I want to be alone all the time and feel everything”

If you are jealous of someone, say “I wholeheartedly wish them happiness and success”

If you are critical of something you have done say “I let myself off the hook 100%”

Look at the faces of people who judge you and say “I don’t mind telling them everything”

The NOW Process

Notice, Open, Wait / Watch / Welcome

Spending time with what is, in an inquisitive and open-minded way, whilst witnessing from presence / awareness.

Tier 2 Kiloby Inquiries Tools

These tools are used to support the main thrust of a Kiloby Inquires session, which are contained within the Tier 1 Tools, above. Indeed, if too much dependence is placed

Thank You Phrase

"Thank you for arising, I love you, you are welcome to stay as long as you like".

Bring your attention to a sensation and say these words to the feeling. You don’t have to mean it. You might in fact hate the way you feel. Say it anyway and see what comes up.

On one level, this is a form of reverse inquiry and will generate feelings and thoughts to work with. On a deeper level, it is a welcoming that we are willing to know ourselves and an invitation to feel whatever is here.

The Dance: flow with the energy as it moves

Sensation is allowed to do whatever it wants and your attention stays with it as it moves. Allow it to be the “lead” partner. You can follow the movement with your hands, or your metaphysical hands (see below).

Metaphysical Hands

Two hands, one on either side and emanating love. You can hold your feelings, your thoughts - words and pictures, any part of you. Hold a sensation in the loving embrace of your metaphysical hands and you can watch the resistance dissolve in real time.

Breathe with it

Inhale – breathe into the sensation inside the hands. Exhale – notice space around the outside of hands.


Use this with the collage or with a single image or words. Open your eyes and put the image in a frame on the wall across from you. Look at the image then look at the space all around the outside of the frame. Move your eyes through the empty space on the outside of the frame clockwise a few times then counter-clockwise a few times. Look back at the image.

Focus Shifting

Shifting our attention between a narrow and wide focus helps us to remain in the present in awareness. There are many ways to do this.

With your eyes open, put a picture or image of words on the opposite wall. Visualize it with a frame. Shift between looking at the image within the frame to noticing details outside of the frame, like the color of the wall, pictures or a window, then return your attention to what is inside of the frame.

Frame an image with your hands then look at the words and pictures between your hands. Notice the space to the right of your hands then the left then look at the image between your hands.

Bring your attention for several breaths to the softening of your belly as you exhale. Widen your focus to notice your whole body and the movement of your belly as you breathe. Return to focusing just on the softening of your belly as you exhale.

Auditory Thoughts

Hear and focus on the sound of the words then focus shift to a background sound, for example birds or traffic outside or snap your fingers. Come back to paying attention to the sound of your thoughts. Hear the words and listen for the silence or space the words are happening in.

Describe the energy or sensation like you would to a scientist:

Where is the energy located? Is it moving or still? Do you have an image of the energy? Is it hot or cold? Is it contained like a tight fist in the gut or does it gradually dissipate? Notice the energy and notice there is space around the energy. Shift your focus between the energy and the space around the outside of it.

Mining Energy

Why is this here? It showed up and is connected with the inquiry question. What does it know? What does it want you to know? Don’t go to the mind for answers. Stay with the feeling in your body and listen. Ask – what else is here? Show me more about this. Is there anything else that needs to be seen?

The Reverse and Utility Inquiries are powerful ways to break through to freedom from beliefs and conditioning.

Use the inquiry tools above to observe from awareness, working with the thoughts and energy in your body that arise in response to the statements.

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