Life is like a dream, but we treat it like a fixed, objective reality. Therefore, we suffer.

In our misperception of reality, we find ourselves caught in problematic and painful thinking about ourselves, others, the world. As a result, we experience stress, unhappiness, anxiety, depression, addiction, and seeking outside ourselves. At the core of our misperception about reality lies a belief that each of us exists as a separate self and that everyone and everything around us is also separate. This creates a sense of being fundamentally deficient, as if we are lacking something vital to our existence.

Our relationships with other people and things and our drive towards the future become about trying to fulfill what is missing within us. In reaching outside ourselves or looking to the future for our happiness, we are often avoiding or trying to escape from what feels uncomfortable in our minds and bodies. We look for something – anything – that will relieve us from having to actually be with our experience as it shows up in the moment.

At some point, we find that reaching outside ourselves does not work, and we become open to a new way. In the Kiloby Inquiries, we question our misperceptions and dismantle the false belief in separation and deficiency. In becoming familiar with the experiential practices of this work, you are likely to see that most of it centers on being aware in the present moment, and developing the skill of allowing everything to be as it is—every thought, emotion, sensation, color, shape and sound. This is a deep and radical acceptance and loving, gentle embrace of absolutely everything that arises in our moment-to-moment experience.

In welcoming everything and no longer resisting and trying to push experience away or repress it, we discover a newfound peace, freedom, and love for ourselves, others, and the world. We do not avoid or repress the thoughts, emotions, and sensations that arise—we simply don’t identify with them. We do not discard our humanness—we open to it even more. We awaken within the dream, ready to explore life in a more compassionate, loving, vulnerable and selfless way.

Certified Kiloby Inquiries Facilitator


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