Somatic (Self) Inquiry is about deprogramming our suffering by allowing what is (‘mindfulness’) and by making the unconscious conscious. It uses the body as its truth, its anchor, whilst also engaging with the thought patterns of the mind - its words and pictures.

The approach is based on the groundbreaking work of Scott Kiloby and Dan McClintock, known as 'The Kiloby Inquiries', which has been carefully cultivated at the Kiloby Center in Palm Springs, California, the only mindfulness-based recovery centre in the USA. Somatic self-inquiry is one of the most powerful and also one of the most efficient tools to deprogram suffering and create lasting change. It has been proven to work extremely well with chronic pain as well as many other presenting issues such as depression and CPTSD.

By relaxing and allowing what is, the mind lets go of the need to control and resist our experience in the present moment. When we do this, life (‘God’ / the universe / awareness) itself takes over and we find a freedom and joy that we suspected was there but felt unable to access.


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