Robin Lumley-Savile

Robin combines 25 years of mediative practices with formal training in the Biodynamic Breathwork Trauma Release System (BBTRS).

Robin is currently training with Scott Kiloby and Dan McClintock in the Kiloby Inquiries (KI), a mindfulness-based non-dual modality that deprograms our suffering.

“Like the voice and guidance. Very clear explanation of breath technique. Good body awareness as guiding client to be aware of the various places in her body. Noticing and following clients cues. Great invitation to come back to resource at any time your client needed it for self regulation. Nice mirroring of clients movement to be in resonance with her. Giving client space to process her charge. Skilful guidance. Great use of pendulation and titration at the right times. Resourcing with enough time before the end. Good guidance into felt sense and body awareness. Overall it’s a great session. Very happy to have you represent BBTRS in the world.”

Giten Tonkov

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