My work is based upon a non-dual model of reality.

Step 1 is resting in presence, solidifying our understanding of ourselves as awareness.

Step 2 is removing that which takes us away from presence - our conditioning, our trauma, our patterns of perception and being.

Natural rest is the effortless noticing of your experience. It points to the awareness that's already aware of thoughts, visual objects, sensations, emotions, and sounds.

Think of it this way: if you look out in front of you, you may see objects (like a phone or computer) and hear sounds. Meanwhile, you're likely thinking thoughts and feeling things in your body. You may also experience smell and taste.

Do you notice that there's something aware of all of these experiences? When I use the term "awareness," I'm pointing to that which is aware of your thoughts, feelings, and whatever else you're currently experiencing.

Also, while this awareness is aware of all of these arisings, it isn't fundamentally any of them. Sensory experiences come and go, but this awareness is always available.

This isn't something mystical or out of reach. Rather, this is your ordinary, everyday awareness, which is aware of the sight of these words right now!

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